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Coating market excellent opportunities: liquid wallpaper popular
2015/5/8 14:57:23

  Nowadays, as long as literally walked into a Beijing coating market, there would be people recommend & ldquo; Liquid wallpaper & rdquo; . Even if not buy, sheet is its & ldquo; Neither wallpaper, also not ordinary metope lacquer & rdquo; Concept, also can let & ldquo; Rdquo; decorate the & family Shine at the moment .
  Chairman of the association of Chinese interior decoration SongJinJiang introduction, & ldquo; Liquid wallpaper & rdquo; Also called wallpaper lacquer, is the collection wallpaper and emulsioni paint the merits.soon environmental protection coating, using acrylic emulsion, titanium pigment, pigments and other auxiliaries, who made according to the intention to create different decorate the visual effect, both overcame emulsioni paint onefold colour, no administrative levels feeling missing is restricted, also avoided wallpaper easy discoloration, become warped edge, have juncture shortcomings .
 In the interview, Beijing ChongWenOu by comparing the way a coating sales center, told reporters ldquo coated &; Liquid wallpaper & rdquo; A technique to live, ordinary people difficult to complete, so, & ldquo; Liquid wallpaper & rdquo; General will decorate with metope match sales. Besmear brushs when, want to smear evenly on metope first a layer of be bored with child, dry 24 hours later, with sandpaper rough parts, and drop in surface thin sparsely coated & ldquo; Liquid wallpaper & rdquo; Coating, alternately repeatedly again after scraping coat. Use & ldquo; Liquid wallpaper & rdquo; , besmear brushs strength different direction different, daub, or color is tie-in and different, both will present different visual effect.
  According to reporter understanding, & ldquo; Liquid wallpaper & rdquo; Currently has about 10 large categories, can transform 300 multiple pattern, 90 multiple color effect. For example, & ldquo; Rdquo; night-light wallpaper lacquer & (absorption mdash; optical 10 and 30 minutes, in the darkness is sustainable shine over 12 hours), and ldquo; The chameleon wallpaper lacquer & rdquo; (incandescent lamp illuminate is a colour, sunlight is another kind of color), and ldquo; Anaglyph wallpaper lacquer & rdquo; (through special process, metope can present anaglyph effect), etc.  & ldquo; Liquid wallpaper & rdquo; They are called green environmental protection coating, because when construction without the use of 107 glue, pva, etc, so do not contain lead, mercury and other heavy metals and aldehydes substances, thereby achieve non-toxic, non-polluting. Because be water-borne coatings, & ldquo; Liquid wallpaper & rdquo; The fight corrupt sex is strong, also have good moistureproof, antibacterial properties, not breeds insect, not easy ageing
  Experts told reporters, & ldquo; Liquid wallpaper & rdquo; There are also some disadvantages: if the price is higher, about 120 & mdash; 190 yuan/square metre, so the more appropriate besmear brushs a small area of the TV setting wall, sitting room sofa against etc; Its construction time also much longer than normal emulsioni paint, about eight procedure, causing many cast time of decorating family can't choose .