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Influence in 2011 factors of trend, the pigment industry
2015/5/8 14:56:52

  2011, affect pigment industry are the factors of economic operation of the domestic macroeconomic trends and control policy guiding, relevant industry development trend, and the world economic recovery prospects etc. One domestic factors is the deciding factor.
  One is the domestic macroeconomic trends and control policy oriented analysis. Say first macroeconomic trends. By 2010, China's GDP growth of 10.3%. & ldquo; 915 & rdquo; Annual growth in GDP during of 10.4%, macro economic continue to enjoy strong growth driven directly promote the pigment, rapid development of the industry. The 2011 is our country & ldquo; 1025 & rdquo; In the first year, macro economic planning to good situation will further consolidate, but considering exports and investment growth is limited, domestic demand remains to be strengthening push. Therefore, China's GDP growth slowdown, predict to will be about 9.5 percent .
Besides macro-control policy guidance. 2011, domestic macroeconomic policy ldquo; the basic orientation is & Positive robust, prudent flexible & rdquo; , namely the proactive fiscal policy and prudent monetary policy, keep steady economic health run. The future of concern are the following aspects: policy tropism pricing mechanism, petroleum energy prices adjustment, the RMB exchange rate changes, tax reform, energy efficiency, improve industry admittance threshold, environmental taxes .
  2 it is the main domestic related industry development condition analysis. Paint industry relevance is very strong, relevant industry, the development situation of a direct to paint industry and significant influence. One is a car. 2011, China automobile sales will break through 2000 million vehicles. The continuous development of the automotive industry, directly will pull pigments, lubricant, additives, coating, engineering plastic, rubber sealing materials and other areas of demand growth. Second is the real estate. Real estate industry is coatings, plastic pipe profiles of chemical products such as an important application fields. 2011, countries on real estate's macro control policies may be more severe, low-cost affordable housing, but will accelerate the construction speed. With China's urbanization faster, small and medium-sized cities and rural real estate development will be faster. From & ldquo; 1025 & rdquo; Start with 20 years, China will be the time to resolve problems in urbanization, half the urbanization rate in the year 2030 65%. Therefore, the future real estate industry will remain on related chemical products of consumer demand. Thirdly, textiles. 2011, China's textile industry will continue to maintain steady and fast growth momentum, but with market demand at home and abroad, the slowdown in growth a year will abate, thus to dye pigment demand will also be corresponding slows down. Its 4 it is plastic products. Plastic products is one of the main application fields and pigments on strong domestic demand, for many years, our country plastic products industry keep a fast growth momentum. Plastic products to the rapid growth of demand, the expansion of pigment accordingly. 2010, domestic pigment production fast to bounce back. In the next few years, pigment related industries will keep most of the rapid growth of pigment, continue to expand demand .